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Cold Neem Oil
Expeller Neem Oil
Neem Cake
Neem Cake Pellet
Azadirachtin Technical

Neem Oil [Cold Pressed]
Cold Pressed Extraction of Neem Oil 

Azadirachtin Content: Above 2000ppm


Neem Oil [Expeller Extract]
Commercial Grade Neem oil extracted from Mechanical Expeller
Azadirachtin Content: 400 to 700ppm

Neem Oil Cake
Neem Oil Cake best suited Organic Farming

Available in Flakes and Powder Form


Neem Pellets

Neem Oil Cake in Pellet Form for slow Manure

Azadirachtin Technical Formulation
Azadirachtin Technicals: 1500ppm to 10000ppm


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